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Multisector products industry

Bergamo Isolanti was founded in Bergamo in 1974 and has since become a leader in Italy and Europe in the supply of insulation products for multi-sector systems.

The catalogues made available to customers offer insulation and systems for industrial and residential use from the top brands on the market, plus our own production of insulating materials.

Our Bergamo (1974), Milan (1983), and Brescia (1996) offices work together hand-in-hand to provide customers with impeccable products and customized solutions, thanks to continuous research that has resulted in the development of innovative products for industry and the construction sector.

The company has the perfect organization to supply both large and small quantities, i.e. customers of all sizes.

The values of our insulation products are: Efficiency, with products that improve the performance of installations. Energy saving, with products that improve the use of energy. Safety, with materials that protect against burns, fire, shock and fall protection. Comfort, with products that protect against heat, cold and noise. Environment, thanks to eco-sustainable production lines.


In-house production

In-house production

Bergamo Isolanti has its own production of insulating products and systems for industry and construction. We produce standard and special products on request, for civil and industrial use, under Bergamo Isolanti registered trademarks such as Coverblo...
Construction line

Construction line

Bergamo Isolanti offers an extensive catalogue of insulation products for the construction sector. We are specialists in the distribution and production of insulating materials for every need in the building sector, systems for external insulation, ...
Industry Line

Industry Line

Bergamo Isolanti offers an extensive catalog of insulating products for industrial insulation. We are specialists in the distribution and production of all types of insulating materials: materials for general insulation, thermo-acoustic materials, fi...
Linea informatica di efficentamento

IT efficiency line

Bergamo Isolanti enters this sector by seizing an opportunity linked to its core business in relation to its own products intended for plant efficiency when, during a research and development operation, it uses specifically dedicated software. Hence the research and subsequent distribution of carefully selected IT products on the Italian market to the satisfaction of our customers.
Linea informatica di efficentamento

Lambrie tecnico

System of furniture panels that can be assembled for all systems